Broadband in Spain: everything you need to know

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Getting broadband in Spain

If you have recently moved to Spain and want home broadband, we show you a list of different Internet providers and what documents do you need to get a broadband deal.

Best broadband deals in Spain

Getting decent broadband can be a headache in any country. Spain is no exception, so we want to make life as an expat easier by giving you all the information you need to get broadband as a foreigner living in the land of Cervantes and Picasso.

If you do not know how much time are you going to stay in our country, we recommend you getting a Internet offer with a contract with one month length ("Sin permanencia"). In this case, you will not have to pay anything if you leave the Internet provider early. These are the cheapest home broadband deals in Spain:

100 Mb
22,90 €
PERMANENCIA:   Sin permanencia
1 Gb
29,95 €
PERMANENCIA:   3 meses
500 Mb
24,99 €
durante 12 meses
PERMANENCIA:   12 meses
DESPUÉS DE PROMO:   31,99 €/mes

When you're comparing the price of broadband packages in Spain, take into account that the prices advertised sometimes appear without including line rental ("cuota de línea") in the price (which usually costs about 19€ per moth (£16,82; $20,82).

A fibre broadband up to 100 Mb of speed is more than enough is you are going to live alone in a flat or have until 3 flatmates. In any case, you will able to get broadband up to 600 Mb or 1 Gb of speed, although the price will be higher.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to add one or more mobile lines to your Internet plan:

100 Mb
20 GB
39,95 €
al mes

*Segunda línea con llamadas ilimitadas y 1GB gratis.

300 Mb
50 GB
34,95 €
PERMANENCIA:   3 meses
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What are the biggest broadband providers in Spain?

There are more than 30 Internet providers in our country, but only six have their own fiber and ADSL infraestructure throughout the national territory. And they are the biggest Internet service providers in Spain:

Movistar's logo

Movistar is the leading telecommunications operator in Spain. They offer fibre optic, ADSL, mobile phone deals and television packages. Owning other providers like O2 or Tuenti.


Tarifas Movistar

Vodafone's logo

They've become the second biggest provider after Ono's acquisition. They offer fibre optic, ADSL, mobile phone deals, 5G and television packages. Owning other low-cost providers: Lowi.


Vodafone tarifas

orange's logo

The Spanish branch of the French company. They offer fibre optic, ADSL, mobile phone deals and television packages. Owning other Intenet providers like Jazztel.


More information

masmovil's logo

The newest and the fourth biggest Spanish provider. They offer fibre optic, ADSL and mobile phone deals. Owning other Intenet providers like Pepephone, tarifas Yoigo o LlamaYa.


ofertas MásMóvil

yoigo's logo

It was recently adquired by MásMóvil Group. Standing out for offering quality services at competitive prices. They offer fibre optic, ADSL, mobile phone deals and TV package.



jazztel's logo

It was bought by Orange and it is one of the providers with the longest tradition in the spanish sector. Offering fibre optic, ADSL, mobile phone deals and TV packages.


More information

However, there are also a few other big home broadband providers that operate only in some specific regions:

  1. Euskaltel (País Vasco)
  2. Telecable (Asturias)
  3. Mundo R (Galicia)
  4. Ractel+ (Catalunya)

All these providers offer standard, cable and fibre optic broadband. However, sometimes, in remote rural areas, you can not get fixed-line broadband because it would cost providers more than they would make back to extend their networks that far.

If that is the case, you can get WiMAX (wireless broadband) or satellite broadband instead. For example, Jetnet or Eurona offers coverage everywhere.

What are the cheapest Internet providers in Spain?

How much does Internet cost in Spain? The price to pay will dependence of the wifi providers and services you want to get. For example, the big providers are more expensive but they are known to offer higher-quality services. If you do not want it, you will also can choose one of low-cost Internet provider operating in Spain:

You can get broadband from 20€ per month (all costs included). A typical Internet package will give you download speeds of up to 100 Mb, calls to Spanish landline numbers and several minutes of calls to Spanish mobile numbers each month.

If you want a Spanish mobile phone plan, you can get a package that bundles broadband, landline calls and a mobile plan together, which are popular as you get more for your money. The cheapest ones cost around 29€ per month.

Getting broadband in Spain

What do I need to get broadband in Spain as a foreigner?

It depends of each Internet provider, but the following documents would be enough when signing a contract with Spanish Internet and broadband providers:

  1. Passport
  2. NIE (an ID number for foreigners)
  3. Spanish bank account
  4. Proof of address

Some providers may be reluctant to offer you a contract if you are not a Spanish national, and some may ask you for a deposit. If you think you are being asked to pay over the odds because you're a foreigner, cancel your order and try another provider.

What Spanish providers offer customer support in English or another language?

Every broadband provider offers both sales support and customer service in English. When calling, you just need to say "English" and you will receive support in your language.

Good luck and welcome to Spain! We do not expect these tips to make getting broadband in Spain easier than it is in your own country, but we hope they will make getting settled a little simpler.

Frequently asked questions about broadband in Spain

What are the main Internet providers in Spain?

The main broadband providers in Spain are:

  • Movistar
  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • MásMóvil
  • Yoigo
  • Jazztel
  • Lowi
  • O2
  • Pepephone

So, what's the best broadband in Spain?

It is difficult to say what the 'best' broadband in Spain is, because it depends on your needs. Movistar have a good reputation when it comes to customer service, which it offers in English, but their packages are slightly more expensive than the average.

On the other hand, if you are looking for is a great service and great price, then go for MasMovil. This Internet provider offers a broadband package with speeds up to 100 Mb for only 29€ a month.

Howevwer, if you objective is to get the cheapest Internet service provider your best option is Fi Network. The price of a home broadband up to 100 Mb is 20,90€.

How fast is the Internet in Spain?

In our country, the faster Internet tecnology is the optic fibre. It is not available everywhere but it is already present in many regions of the country.

It offers a real speed and it can up to 50 Mb, 100 Mb, 200 Mb, 300 Mb, 600 Mb or even 1Gb. It is high speed and good Internet. In case you do not have fiber coverage, you can adquired ADSL wich speed can up to 20 Mb.

Check your coverage

How do I find the best broadband offer?

The best Internet and mobile phone deal for you depends on your uses. But you need to consider the following factors:

  • Price
  • Contract length
  • Speed
  • Download allowance
  • Number of people living in your home
  • Offers

How reliable is broadband in Spain?

It depends on where you live and what kind of broadband you have. If you have standard broadband you are unlikely to get the 'up to' speed advertised.

For example, if you get a standard ADSL package advertised as offering up to 20 Mb, you are likely to get about 6 Mb, which is the average download speed in Spain with this tecnology. This is because the further you live from the local telephone exchange, the less speed you'll get, so in general you will get better speeds in cities than in small towns and villages.

However, fibre optic broadband has quickly become widely available in Spain. The big providers are putting in fibre optic cables across the country, with Movistar leading the race. You can get fibre in most of the bigger cities now, which offers download speeds of up to 300 Mb. With fibre optic and cable broadband you do get the speed advertised, which is often advertised as real speed ("velocidad real").

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Where can I find Wifi hotspots in Spain?

As in most western European countries, you will find Wifi hotspots in most cities in Spain. You will see signs advertising free Wifi in shops, bars, hotels and restaurants such as VIPS. It is also common to find Wfi in public parks and libraries.

In general, Wifi hotspots are handy if you only use the internet very occasionally, but if you're going to be living in Spain for a while, and regularly use the Internet, you're better off getting home broadband.

What mobile networks operators are in Spain?

Most of the Internet providers shown also offer mobile phone deals. But there are some that only offer it:

  1. Lycamobile
  2. República Móvil
  3. Simyo

How does phone line installation work in Spain?

Once you've signed up to a broadband package, you will get your router within a week. If your home does not have an active phone line, a Movistar-Telefónica engineer will be sent out within a week or two to install a telephone socket. Once that's been done, all you have to do is plug in your router.

If you are with Movistar or Vodafone, an engineer will deliver the router and set it up for you, and if you already have an active phone line from another provider, you won't need an engineer to visit at all.

The whole process usually takes less than two weeks, although it can take longer depending on the providers.

How do I switch broadband in Spain??

Switching broadband in Spain is pretty easy. First, make sure your current contract is up - you don't have any 'permanencia' left. If you switch before then, you will have to pay a fee for cancelling your contract early, so be careful.

Next, choose the package you want to switch to and sign up to it. Your new provider will then arrange for your current package to be cancelled and switch you to your new package. You'll be able to keep you telephone number.

You will be sent a new router by courier and told when to plug it in - it will usually be within about a week, once the connection is ready. You will only have to go without broadband and phone for a short time during the night, when the switch is physically made at the phone exchange.

Once that's done, it is worth calling your old provider to make sure everything's sorted, just in case you have to return your old router or something.

The switching process should not take more than two weeks altogether. Your old provider may contact you to offer you a better deal during that time, but don't be tempted - you will have to pay a hefty fee to get out of the contract that you only just signed with your new provider.

What Internet provider I can sing up while holidays?

If you have come to Spain only for a few days and you are not going to apply for a NIE, we recommend you to sing up a deal with a Internet provider that offers a portable 4G Hotspot such as Orange, Eurona or Movistar.

That is a good option if you are going to spend some time in Fuerteventura, Barcelona, Mojacar, Lanzarote or Torrevieja.